THE GRASSHOPPER Magazine Issue # 3

Awareness through Art

Art, Psychology and Cannabis –these three elements are combined in an impressive way by Asia Taber, Cannabis multi-talent and artist, activist and psychologist from California. "Reaching people through the plant" is her philosophy, which she impressively stages for us in a selection of her favorite works.

Her trailblazing role

"My goal is always to break through a stigma with the visual beauty of the plant," the likeable Californian tells us. "I am definitely an artist, but also extremely interested in the science and medical aspects of cannabis. As a psychologist, I want to be a pioneer and build a bridge between cannabis and mental health, I think a cannabis-assisted therapy would be revolutionary", Asia explains her unique approach to the topic. From her experience with cannabis and mental health she developed her brand, High Pilot Design (, through which she now distributes prints of her art.

"I didn't have the best relationship with cannabis until my fiancé Waylon showed me with his experience that there are huge differences in quality and effect between strains. With this insight, cannabis was able to help me deal with my depression and post-traumatic stress disorder from my time as a model. This is where my fascination with the plant came from," says Asia about her introduction into the world of cannabis.

Exclusive Best-of

We already enjoyed a taste of her art in our last issue, where she enchanted us with her interpretation of Sandro Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" on the cover (you can find the story and a making-of video of this impressive project on our online platform).

For this issue, she has gone one step further and put together a best-of of her incredibly expressive art, each with a personal description of how the recording was made and her inspiration.

"I always try to remain as neutral as possible in the commentary of my images. As an artist, I hope to inspire on a deeper subconscious level of awareness. My goal is not to convince, but to open our eyes for the beauty of this plant, which I believe has the power to give us back our inner ability to heal and be healthy.

" With this goal in mind, I've selected images that I feel speak LOUDLY in a visual sense. My hope is to connect with the audience and inspire strength and courage which is all present when we decide to tune in, tap in, and turn on to the possibilities.," Asia explains her selection.

Cannabis For You

This image was simply inspired by Valentine's Day, and I feel everyone deserves their favorite flower. For this particular arrangement I was fortunate enough to use 3C Farms Jack Kraken. The live version of this plant inspired me the moment I saw her in the grow room! Honestly, she took my breath away! She grows tall, has beautiful shades of green, and delivers beautiful cholas. I couldn't wait to get my hands on a dozen branches of this strain to arrange into a beautiful bouquet! A handful of love, delivered. 

Cannabis Color Spectrum

The classic color spectrum of the cannabis leaves is what originally inspired my love for creating with cannabis. I never knew this plant had the ability to express in full-spectrum. Once I discovered this, it almost felt like a responsibility to capture this magnificent colors and to share them with the world! If I didn't know, then I wasn't alone. And possibly, if I reveal the true beauty of this plant, the negative stigmas will all but fade away. 

Beam Me Up Scotty

A classic vintage scale with a magnificent beam of light to shed awareness on the medicinal aspect of cannabis plant medicine. I've always been inspired by the medicinal aspect to cannabis. I am inspired to continue to gain awareness and knowledge so as to help spread positivity around a medicine that has unrightfully been taken from us. This fight to gain access and awareness  should be a basic human right. We are but only scratching the surface of what is possible with medicinal cannabis plant medicine--if my images help you accept this fact, I have been successful in my intentions. 

Cannabis Hug

We achieve more when we go at it together! This was the basis of my inspiration of this image...The more the merrier. I have a tribe that supports me, and I support them. 

Cannabis In a Bottle

Some of my favorite images happen by chance... This one here was exactly that. I found this perfect little leaf, and wanted to save it FOREVER! So, I tried by capturing in a jar. It worked! The leaf in this image lasted for about 2 weeks in this jar. Preserved in a manner that I didn't think possible. Eventually, the leaf died, but for me it was symbolic in the sense that the message will continue to be passed on forever in image form. 

INTERVIEW: Philipp Hlatky

This is an article from THE GRASSHOPPER Magazine Fall 02/2020.

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